Monday, October 13, 2008

Cute Outfit - Love Cuts by Journey

I have always been attracted to this outfit that Journey McLaglen has for sale in PRISM called LOVE CUTS that features a really cute top with some fishnetting effect that is an option that you can choose to wear or simply wear the bodice top alone. There are both boot cut jeans or regular jeans in the package and BOOTS to match the outfit are included. AND if you do not have the funds to purchase this outfit, I will tell you that I have seen it available in the LUCKY CHAIRS here at the Fashion District. One of the nicest things about clothes that Journey creates and displays and sells at PRISM is that you generally get the entire outfit when you make a purchase and that means you are ready to open it and wear and you simply need to supply yourself and hair and you are good to go. PRISM at Tampa Bay (106/39/23) that i

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