Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sweetheart Gown - Free Gift from PRISM!

What a gorgeous gown and FREE.........Journey McLaglen is having her usual weekly release of her Tartan Outfit in 6 different colors. And Journey just loves to give away things to all that attend her events. If you should stop by PRISM during one of Journey's release events, you can touch the subscribe - O - matic and you will receive a free outfit. You can pick up the weekly free outfit with your visit to the store at release time and if you chose to make a purchase during the event......Journey will be sending you an additional gift. So you in essence get 4 outfits for the price of one outfit. Not a bad deal in the least........
* * * * * * * * * *
Back to the Sweetheart Gown that was this week's free offer. It is a gorgeous gown with a sequin effect and a lovely skirt that can be removed and the outfit worn as a pant outfit. There are lots of options here. This gown should take you into the most upper exclusive clubs in SL.
Come to Prism in the Fashion District at Tampa Bay (106 39/23)

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