Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stripped Sweaters & Pants at PRISM!

I know, I know, I blogged these yesterday.......BUT.......I did not have all the variations that are going to be here you will find pictures of the 6 lovely stripped colors combinations in this week's release from PRISM............

Look what you can expect from Journey McLaglen this week at PRISM............OMG.......some very nice sweater and pants combinations. Journey has created 6 different stripped sweaters with prim collars and prim sleeves and the option to have the sweater appear to be tucked in or not tucked in. There are a lot of sweaters in SL at this time, but I have not seen a lot of stripped sweaters and these sweaters have the color combinations that just make you want to grab them all. Now Journey normally releases new outfits on Wednesday evening, but due to a sudden trip that she had to make out of town, the release this week will probably occur on Thursday, so you have to wait one more day to be able to grab these lovelies.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sorry, but I do not have any news as to what the gift will be that Journey will be offering along with the release at this time, but as soon as I get that information, I will publish it here and on the fashion feed. Looking forward to seeing all of you at this week's release event.
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PRISM in The Fashion District of Tampa Bay (106/39/23)

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