Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For Christmas.........Christmas Angel by Journey


OMG, you need to run right over to PRISM and snap up the new creation of Journey McLaglen. Journey has created a gorgeous outfit for the holidays. It is a spectacular gold outfit called Christmas Angel by Journey and it features a bodice with a pleat texture across the top with a bodice that has the effect of embroidery with rose stems gracing each side of the bodice resulting in roses in bloom. The skirt is modeled after her creation that has been so popular called SeaDance by Journey with the lovely prim skirt with a netting effect. The whole outfit is so in the holiday spirit and very sexy looking. Oh and there is a cute little hat to compliment the outfit if you like to wear a hat. NOW PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY.......
This is the first Christmas Dress in a series that Journey is going to release during the holidays, she is going to create a dress each week from now until Christmas and there will be a weekly release and event. We know how much everyone loves to show up and come to the events at PRISM because Journey always gives away another gorgeous outfit with each event and with that said............look below at what Journey has created as the FREEBIE............

Journey has created a series of Jeans and Sweaters for the holiday season.......these will be collectors items because she has created a series of four sweaters with cute holiday themes on the sweaters and repeated the design on the jeans..............for the holidays, Journey will put out this free outfit and collector's item for one week and the following week the item will be replaced by the next outfit in the series. These outfits will only be available for a week and then taken down and gone grab them while they are available.

When Journey says........FREEBIE.......she REALLY means Freebie as these special outfits can be purchased by anyone for L$O.

Come to PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay (106/39/23)

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