Monday, January 12, 2009

Be the FIRST.......

Journey has created a new outfit called the Super Star by Journey. It features a special item in the outfit called The Wrap and The Wrap attaches to the chest and is not on a layer of clothing. This is a marvelous feature as it gives you the option to add a shrug to the outfit on another layer of the clothing in case you are cold natured in SL. Otherwise, the outfit has an adorable top to it with a detailed neck that extends around your neck and no jewelry will be needed to accentuate the outfit. Both the wrap and the pants are created with a very nice tweed texture with nice detailing and there are prim attachments to the pants. You will love this outfit and the NEW LOOK............stop by PRISM to grab this outfit when it is released.

Stores for Prism are not located at: Tampa Bay (106/39/23) & Casablanca Boulevard (227/22/35)

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