Friday, January 30, 2009

Fantastic Dollarbie For Valentines and Release!

Come to PRISM over the weekend and take advantage of the BOGO FREE opportunity. Journey McLaglen will give away outfits for every purchase that you make. Just be sure to drop her a notecard for your purchases and select another outfit of equal or lesser value and it will be yours. Drop the notecard to Journey McLaglen and sit back and wait for your free offer.
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Just look at this fantastic DOLLARBIE that you can find at PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay. Journey McLaglen is not only giving you a really cute color change hair, but in the dollarbie package is the color change hair, a top and stripped pants and spiked what other designers are giving away such a total outfit. Come by PRISM and get your newest Valentine's Dollarbie outfit called Spiked Hearts By Journey.

Now when Journey gives away such a nice gift..............there is generally something else going on in her store at the same time. And you are correct..............there is a release of some more fantastic Arygle Sweater Outfits by Journey. The outfits feature an Arygle Sweater on the jacket layer with a tank top on the undershirt layer and a cute flexi skirt. ARYGLE is so popular in SL right now and these outfits will not disappoint you. You will find the outfits in a white, green with blue and purple and these will add to the ones that have already been available at PRISM. Just take a look at these marvelous creations by Journey.

Come by PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay.....
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PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay (106/39/23).

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