Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pictures really make a difference...............

I am sure that this has happened to you, but take this to heart because the right settings and such make all the world of difference when you make ads for items that you have for sale in your really have to pay attention to eye appeal in our virtual world. Journey McLaglen has been redoing some of the ads for the outfits that she has designed in her store and until she redid this ad.........I never really noticed this outfit in her store, but once she put up the new artwork for the ad......OMG, I had to have this outfit. So designers, pay must have eye appeal when displaying ads in your stores...........

Anyway, I would like to mention that this outfit - Fierce By Journey is simply an awesome outfit and so noticeable when you select it to purchase and wear for a special occasion. The black and white contrasting of the bodice is exceptional with the cute flexi script with the bow attachment. You will be styling when you wear this lovely outfit.

This ad is fantastic and the outfit just jumps out at you and says....purchase me!

Please stop by the new shop called JOURNEY’S at Casablanca Boulevard 227/22/35

PRISM (Main Store) at The Fashion District at Tampa Bay 106/39/23

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