Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Frills.....Frills....Frills............PRISM! PRISM!

Event and Release at 7PM SLT.........Dollarbie and Free Gift with purchase......

The newest creation by Journey McLaglen of PRISM has created quite a stir on the grid. Her new skirt creation with her FRILLS Outfit By Journey is a new and exciting design that I had not seen elsewhere on the grid and evidently neither had a number of others as the blogs were ablaze with photos and comments about the new skirt on the FRILLS Outfits. Journey introduced 6 colors and textures last week during her weekly release and because we all loved the outfit so much - this week, Journey is releasing another 6 sensational colors and textures of the FRILLS Outfit by Journey. I have seen a number of bloggers commenting on her new type of skirt and I happen to know that she is overwhelmed by how much everyone loves her design.

This week, as I mentioned, Journey is releasing another 6 colors of the FRILLS Outfit by Journey. Generally Journey does not create more than a couple of colors of any outfit, but since FRILLS was such a hit.........she chose to release additional colors. Of couse, those of us in her group of models, could not decide on all the colors that we would like so Journey just tried all the colors that we selected and it has resulted in 12 colors of the FRILLS Outfit by Journey. If you have not checked out this cute dress you really must do so and experience the new skirt.

The dollarbie outfit for this week is Shine by Journey and it is a gorgeous teal colored party dress with silver will want to grab this outfit for you inventory.

If you make a purchase in the next 48 hours from the start of the event, Journey will send to you the following gift as a "thank you" for your purchase. It is a lovely set of bangles with some lace attached and this set will really dress up any outfit. I so want this set for my accessories.

Gift w/purchase for next 48 hrs.

See you at the event at PRISM!

PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay 106/39/23

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