Thursday, July 30, 2009

Opps.....correct & more info.....

Need to make a few corrections and add to the post from yesterday for PRISM......

The new gown that Journey McLaglen release is called BELLISAMA by Journey and it comes in 7 colors. I have to admit that I was wrong in my reporting of the name of the gown, but I do believe that a number of you got my drift as you showed up at the event looking for the lovely gown. So BELLISAMA by Journey is now available at PRISM. I will include another photo ad of the lovely gown.

Remember the dollarbie......the Black Rose by Journey.

And the gifts with must get this hair.........OMG it is lovely.......called Cassandra in Brown.

And this lovely jewelry set - another gift with purchase.

Remember that Journey has stores for rent in The Fashion District and we will see you at PRISM!

See you are PRISM.................

PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay 106/39/23

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