Thursday, July 9, 2009

PRISM - Event, Dollarbie and New Swim Wear!

TODAY - Thursday - July 9th at 7PM SLT..............

Hello, we are back after the 4th of July Holidays and there are some exciting things going on at PRISM. Keep your ear to the wall for things upcoming in the future for PRISM.....but today, Journey McLaglen will be having a release event at 7PM SLT. Journey has created some stunning swim wear for those that are more into the athletic look and the cut of the swim wear instead of sexy and cute. Journey's swim wear called WET will be the featured items in today's release.

Also we wish to thank all that showed up and made purchases during our first ever "SALE". It was a huge success and many made purchases. Sorry if you missed your chance to purchase any thing in PRISM for only L$100. But it was such a success that you might watch for notices of future sales.

Oh and for the dollarbie this week, Journey McLaglen is offering French Twist by Journey. A very nice stylish pants outfit and cute top.

If you should make a purchase during this time, Journey will be be sending a nice gift of some Black Leather Bracelets.

See you are PRISM.................
PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay 106/39/23

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