Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Journey is BACK......stop by PRISM!

Due to some issues in RL, Journey McLaglen has had limited time in SL, but she is back and we will start doing events at The Fashion District once again and at you need to run over to PRISM.................and the reason is.............

For the next 24 hours, Journey will be offering her newest outfit with like 14 attachments for 50% of the normal price. The outfit is called Loxley and consist of a sweater option, a stripped top, several different scraves depending on which to you select to wear, and there are two different sock options, prim cuffs and more and cute prim boots to match the outfit. It is perfect to keep you warm in SL.

Also, there are approximately 10 presents under the tree just as you enter the store and I will feature what is in the present over the next few day, but you definitely want to stop and grab any and all presents that are under the tree.............there are some very nice items for free.

There is a dollarbie for the season at the back of the store and very cute outfit with boots included that you can hardly pass up for the price.

Your taxi to PRISM............

PRISM at The Fashion District of Bal Harbour 90/60/21

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