Friday, January 1, 2010

Gorgeous Dress - AUDREY at Prism

Welcome to 2010!!!!!! We have all made it into a New Year!

For those of you that are considering entering the PRISM Photo Contest, please be aware that there is a gorgeous new outfit available from Journey McLaglen, the designer and owner of PRISM.

Just view the effect of the "bubble" skirt and the lovely sequin design of the outfit and the options that you have when wearing this outfit. Your will be sure to attract the attention of all of those around you when the enter the room wearing AUDREY BY JOURNEY.

You will find the AUDREY BY JOURNEY available in seven exciting colors.......

Check the previous post on this blog for information about the PRISM Photo Contest and get those entries in ASAP.

Your taxi to PRISM............
PRISM at The Fashion District of Bal Harbour 90/60/21

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