Friday, February 12, 2010

Keep you warm, but looking for spring.......

Come on over to PRISM and check out this cute outfit called PATAGONIA as it is perfect for your SL Fashion for this time of year. It is suitable for the upcoming Valentine Weekend if you wish for a casual outfit that is not actually red. It is still in a winter style so you can stay warm, but bright in coloring to look forward to Spring. The outfit consist of a nicely textured sweater with prim skirt and high socks to match. You will be so cute in this outfit and comfortable. See you at PRISM and there is a dollarbie available also............hurry.

And the cute dollarie is called LOVE CUTS and the outfit includes will want to drop by the store to at least pick up this adorable dollarbie outfit.

Your taxi to PRISM............

PRISM at The Fashion District of Bal Harbour 90/60/21

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