Saturday, January 11, 2014

PRISM ~ The Perfect Date Photo Contest!

PRISM DESIGNS: Perfect Date Photo Contest (Show us your perfect date place and outfit)

Prism Designs wants to let your imagination run wild and your creativity flow, we will reward you with:

FIST PRIZE: your favorite Prism Design  Fat Pack and a cash prize of $5000L.
SECOND PRIZE: Your favorite Fat Pack and a  $2000L gift card

Participation is easy: 1)Join our group,2) wear your favorite Prism Design outfit (please, no freebie, no group gifts or discount items ), 3) visit your favorite date location and add a LM in the notecard  4) take a picture wearing your Prism Design outfit at that location with your favorite friend or meaningful other, be creative.

It is that easy! Please submit your (full perm) photo with your SL name, outfit name and location (LM)  to be entered in the contest on a notecard titled THE PERFECT DATE - <Your Name>  and drop in the snail on the desk at the PRISM store.

Winners will be selected based on originality, creativity, and fun. We will select "2" winners on February 12, 2014.

All submissions are due by 23:59 (11:59pm) SLT  on Feb 10, 2014.  Entrants photos will be on display at the PRISM Store entrance.

Thank you and have fun!

PRISM on the Second Life Grid

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