Wednesday, September 16, 2015

PRISM ~ NEW Men's Fall Creations by Lam Erin

Lam has been very busy designing and creating a great line-up of mens fashions for the fall season.  Come on over to the PRISM Main store and check them out.  Try the free demos!

The Black Leo suit somes with a HUD for shirt and tie options.

Next up are the New Mario Outfits that feature a fashionable top and loose casual trousers in Red, Coffee and Black.  Come try the free demos!  The Mario trousers are also available as a separate and can be purchased individually.

A NEW Mens Sweater!  TONY.  A great casual sweater for him that can be purchased as a separate and in a fat pack for all of the colors.  Come try the free Demo!

Available at  PRISM on the Second Life Grid

PRISM Designs....adding color to your Second Life

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