Tuesday, September 23, 2008

IT'S ME.......Sneak Preview Of Upcoming Release!

Model Loxley Tatham reporting that I am sporting a new RELEASE that will be available from PRISM on Wednesday, October 24 at approximately 7:30PM SLT. The owner/designer Journey McLaglen has power again at her home and she is back on line since the hurricane invaded her area and her creative talents were brewing while she was gone. She has four exciting outfits to release this week in her normal fashion and one that she will be offering as a freebie to all that attend the event. Journey is generally generous enough to leave the free outfit out for more than just the event, but if you would like to chat with Journey herself........she is always at the events to welcome customers. I will blog the other releases in another post......mark your calendar for the upcoming event. This Wednesday 7:30PM SLT - ?.

This outfit is called Film Diva by Journey. I happened by the sim early this morning and Journey and Sofie Ducasse, model and photographer, were there and happy to see me. As a Fashion District Model, Journey at times ask some of us to model for the photos for the new releases and I was selected to model this gorgeous outfit. Journey wanted to create a look of the return to the 40's and she designed a yummy dress with an interesting pattern and accentuated the dress with black in the bodice, the waist and on the hem of the skirt. I simply wore this dress the rest of my day in SL as I could not bear to take it off. Come to PRISM for the release event on Wednesday.....see you there.

(PRISM located at the Tampa Bay Fashion District.)

(Photo Credit: Taken by Sofie Ducasse, Hair: Seductress by Bish (Modified), Jewelry by Deca and shoes by J's wth Prim Toes)

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