Monday, September 15, 2008

More About Prism.........

Journey McLaglen is the owner and designer behind the fashions of Prism. Prism is glamourous and stylish clothing store for women in SL. Journey is very good to her customers and a delightful designer to chat with if you can stop her long enough to have a chat with her. She is a very busy lady and always on the go. She generally offers a special each week in her store where she bestows a free outfit on everyone that stops by for the event. If the customers signs up on the subscribe - o - matic for Prism, they are presented with an addtional outfit and Journey generally reviews the sales that are made during the event and rewards those customers with an additional outfit that they will be happy to discover in their inventory. Having said all of this, we know that Journey is safe in the Houston, Texas area having experienced the storm that fell up on that community by Ike. Journey is currently without power and unable to access SL, but she is safe. Please feel free to contact any of her district managers with issues and Dave Casanova if there are any concerns that cannot wait until Journey is able to access SL once again.
Go shopping at will love the styles.

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