Friday, September 12, 2008

Be safe in Texas - Journey..........

Well it is reported that Hurricane Ike will be hitting the coast of Texas in the Galveston area by early morning on the 13th of September........Saturday, OMG at least not Friday the 13th, however, the owner of Prism - Journey McLaglen lives in the Texas area and is in the path of the hurricane. Hopefully Journey will evacuate the area, along with her computer, so that she can stay in touch with those of us in SL. Good luck and be safe - Journey - we will hold you in our hearts.

On a brighter note, a really cute outfit name Flower Girl and modeled by Sofie Ducasse can be found in Prism. The outfit sports a cute sweater for those chilly evenings that are quickly approaching. As I model in the store for Journey because Journey believes in having real models modeling her outfits in her store, I get to study the outfits that are displayed on the walls of the store and this outfit is quickly becoming one of my favorites.............visit Prism and you will adore the clothes that Journey McLaglen creates.

(Tampa Bay 128/128/0)

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