Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Release at Prism.........

Here I am again already..........well, it seems that Journey McLaglen, the owner and designer of Prism has a new release that will be coming out today.......yes, today. And generally with a new release, Journey holds an event and there will be a free outfit in the offering. I am not sure what the free outfit will be this evening, but I do have a photograph of the outfit that is going to be released and I can tell you that it is really a cute one.

The release for the evening is an outfit called Sofie and the lovely model in the photograph and the photographer is Sofie DuCasses. Journey's outfits generally come with everything that you would see the model wearing in the photograph.

FYI........there is generally an event at Prism every Wednesday evening at approximately 7PM SLT until 9PM SLT (forgive me if I have the times slightly off and I will be more accurate as I get in the swing of this blogging) and I will provide an LM and link in the future. But do a search for Prism located at the Tampa Bay sim and join in the fun. There are live models and lots of lucky chairs with really nice items of clothing available.

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