Monday, September 29, 2008

When Journey is around......OMG.

Let me tell you that being a fashion model at the Fashion District in Tampa Bay is really a delight especially when you are working for such nice people as Journey McLaglen, the owner/designer for PRISM and Dave Cassanova, the owner of GLAM COUTURE. Weekly when Journey gets ready to put out her newest creations, her models gather around and chat while Journey loads the outfits and she showers her models with the new outfits that she will be putting on in the store. Everyone is busy trying on the new outfits and getting boots and shoes as necessary to accent the new releases.........anyway, such was the case last night at the Tampa Bay sim and right out in the middle of PRISM. You would have thought we were have a party.........Hey, if a customer walks in while the releases are being put out.........they might even get an outfit.


Journey is getting ready to put out her FALL line of clothes and she brought out a really cute outfit with stripped sweaters and three lengths of skirts available, socks to match and a really cute little hat for the head. I was immediately running around the store in my orange and black outfit which I felt was appropriate for the time of year. Stop by PRISM at the Fashion District in Tampa Bay sim. (Tampa Bay 109/44/23)

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