Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do you have your skis waxed and ready for the slope?

Journey McLaglen, the owner and designer of PRISM is getting ready to put out these really cute sweater and skirt/pants outfits for everyone to mix and match. There are hats, shrugs, sweater dress and skirts, scarfs and socks to compliment the outfits in any way you might wish to wear them. The outfits are called Tahoe, Denver and Aspen.......all named after skiing resorts. Cute outfits and just in time for our approaching fall and winter in the USA.

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OK, I could not help myself but to feature this outfit by Journey again........this is the SeaDance Outfit that Journey released last week. I have showed this outfit to countless people and brought them to PRISM to find the outfit. I have to laugh when all the models in the store want to model this dress and when three of us are standing in the store at one time - all in the same outfit. Does that tell you something? Anyway, I am having trouble keeping this a secret - so I will not......
Journey mentioned to me that if we all thought the SeaDance Outfit was so nice........she had something really exciting in store for us. I cannot wait - more exciting than this outfit??????

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