Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Free Halloween Costumes, Release and another Freebie!

Aspen Outfit by Journey

This evening at PRISM - 10/1/2008 at 7:30PM SLT, Journey McLaglen will be putting out a couple of new outfits - not sure what is being released, but I will blog the outfits in a future report. The outfit pictured above - ASPEN will be a free outfit for everyone. Journey is always in the habit of giving away an outfit with each release in her store. And since Halloween is quickly approaching, Journey decided to put out some FREE - YES - more FREE items for you - in the way of Halloween costumes for both men and women.
He-Man Costume, a Police Costume and a Pirate Costume

These are the three outfits that Journey will have available for the men that come by the sim. In Prism there will be boxes with the photos of the outfits. By simply touching the box and selecting an outfit, everyone will be given a notecard that they will need to fill out and forward to Journey and in return she will send out the outfits after the event.

Priate Vixen Costume

Witch Costume

For the ladies, there will be a selection of 5 different costumes. Pictured here are two of the really nice costumes that will be given for free - Pirate Vixen and the Witch Costume. Also available will the the Ballerina Kitty Costume, the Queen of Hearts Costume and the Lady Bug. Please note that these outfits come with everything included in the photos which means that there are boots and hats and accessories...........some really quality free costumes.

Come to Prism at Tampa Bay 106/39/23.......hurry, this offer is only good for 24 hours.

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