Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Upcoming Release.....The Sweater Dress.

Journey McLaglen told me that she was going to come out with something special for a new release. I do not believe that this gorgeous sweater dress is the "special" that I am holding my breathe about, but nonetheless, Journey has created a spectacular knit sweater dress and I believe that it is supposed to come in more colors than just black and white as I have featured here. The dress features off the shoulder tiny straps and prim sleeves for that fall look that we all love that we can achieve in SL and a cute flexi skirt. To tie the top and the skirt together, Journey has decorated the dress with some of the marvelous belts that we have seen from PixelDolls on another layer. These sweater dresses are scheduled to be available in the weekly release that generally occurs at PRISM in the Fashion District of Tampa Bay (106/39/23) on Wednesday at approximately 7:30PM SLT. Be reminded that Journey usually offers a fantastic free outfit with each release and those that make a purchase during a release event are generally rewarded with the gift of another outfit from Journey within a few days. See you at PRISM...........

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