Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sweater Dress Release and Free Outfit

Journey MgLaglen held an exciting release event at PRISM at The Fashion District on the Tampa Bay sim on Wednesday evening and released three awesome sweater dresses in three different colors and the outfit is called Inspired by Journey. I am featuring the brown sweater dress in this blog and check my previous blog for photos of the black and white version. The sweater dresses have a very nice knit texture to them and they are sensual in their appearance as are all the designs that are created by Journey. And this lovely white lacey outfit called Lily Coconut was given away as a free outfit for those that attended the event. This outfit should be available for about 24 hrs and then Journey will remove it from the store. There are usually weekly releases at PRISM and Journey generally gives away an awesome outfit at each stay tuned and stop by PRISM.
PRISM at The Fashion District on the Tampa Bay sim (Tampa Bay 106/39/23)

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