Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween is over.........

Finally Halloween is over in SL and perhaps we can all return to a normal life in SL.....that is until it is time for the Thanksgiving Hunts. I do not know about all of you, but I could not believe the number of hunts this year for Halloween or the quality of the items that the designer and store owners were giving away. If you had done any inventory purging.......and I mean purging prior to the hunts.........then all was for nothing since you refilled your inventory with all the items found from hunting. Too bad everyone does not get together and have one "BIG" hunt so that you are not so confused as to where you are going or what you are hunting for...............


But back to fashion at PRISM.......back at the beginning of October, Journey McLaglen released a cute number called Sweet Tart and it is available in 6 different colors. I blogged the outfit when it was first release but only provided photos of the Sweet Tart in Blue. You receive a cute plaid top with a shrug to layer on for the colder weather, a skirt and socks and boots.

Visit PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay (106/39/23)

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