Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prism - time for a new release!

You will want to make your way over to PRISM this evening for the release event that will be held at the main store of PRISM on the Tampa Bay sim - the usual event time is 7PM SLT. And there are several reasons why you should be sure to stop by and check things out this evening......

FIRST........the new release. The MUSIQUE BANDAGE DRESS by Journey. You are just going to love this dress. It is so colorful and so well made. Journey did a fantastic job of matching up the stripes from the front to the back and matching some other things that only designers actually understand. The back of the dress appears to have a zipper and the sculpted skirt is fantastic to complete the whole outfit. I will have to try to photograph myself in this dress as I added the XL White Pearl set from Ruffian and some thigh high white boots and I will be styling.


Model & Photographer: Journey McLaglen

Of course, no event is complete at PRISM HAUTE COUTURE unless Journey has something to give away to all that stop by.........and this outfit is a real treat also. The "DOLLARBIE" at PRISM this week is called the SUNNY DRESS by Journey and it contains a jeans skirt with shoes to match and I believe - 6 - yes, 6 different tops are in the package - not just one top for the skirt, but all the colors that Journey created. You really do not want to miss picking up such a nice "DOLLARBIE" tp over to PRISM.

The SUNNY DRESS by Journey

Model & Photographer: Journey McLaglen

And...........yes, there is more..........if you make a purchase in the next couple of days - I understand from the start of the event until Saturday..........Journey will send to you the Bracelets in Gold with the White lace as a gift. Journey McLaglen is very nice to her customers.

PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay 106/39/23

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