Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PRISM - Event and Release......

Come this evening to PRISM and see the new items that Journey McLaglen has created for you. Journey will be having an event at PRISM at approximately 7PM SLT. Journey will be releasing a new dress this evening called Heather by Journey and it will be available in at least four colors. The dress features a cute bodice with a very sexy look to the front and a cute effect but very tastefully done. The midriff is sheer with a flexi skirt. Journey has added a scarf for the neck and leg warmers to each outfit as accessories that you make select to wear.
Many people that I have run into love the Inspired by Journey sweater dress and I am certainly no exception. Journey already offeres the Inspired in Black, Red and White in her store and on St. Patrick's Day, Journey offered the Inspired in Green. We were chatting with Journey just the other day and asked for her to bring back the Inspired in Green as it was such a lovely outfit we had not wanted her to remove it from her store. So here I am..........Inspired in Green will be back in PRISM for you to purchase. I also must inform you to be on the watch for Inspired to be released in additional colors.
If you decide to make a purchase during the event or within the next 48 hours, Journey will honor you with the gift of the Silver Bangles with White Lace. Hopefully you have been able to pick up these lovely accessories over the last few weeks as Journey has offered them in the Gold and Silver with Black Lace and now she has offered then in the Gold and Silver with White Lace.
See you at the event at PRISM!
PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay 106/39/23

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