Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Photo Moment.............

Have I got a story for you........pull up you chair and sit down a moment and let me tell you this story.

As many of you know, I participate in SL as a model and I work for various modeling agencies. Besides working as a model, I write the blogs for Journey McLaglen for her store PRISM and several others, but since this is Journey's blog for her store.........I will stick to only mentioning that I write the blog for this store. At any rate, my story involves the events that have lead up to a sensational creation by Journey McLaglen that she will be releasing in PRISM........I think today.

The story all started when I was answered a casting call to model for a photo shoot the very next day. Within minutes of being awarded the spot for the photo shoot, I was passed a photograph and given some instructions as to how they wished for me to dress in regard to skin, hair and outfit for the shoot. I was asked to wear a shape that I would be provided by Ohren Beck and appear on time and ready for the shoot the following day. Here is the photo that I was given. I was asked to try to come as close as I could to matching this photo from a RL fashion ad.

Well, I looked at the photo and figured that I would not have any problem searching my inventory for a darker skin than I normally wear and I could certainly find a hair that would appear the same as featured in the photograph, but where was I going to find a dress that would even come close to the dress that was pictured. It dawned on me that I had seen and knew of a dress that was somewhat similar to the dress that was pictured and I sent an IM to Journey McLaglen and requested help in my quest for this dress. Journey had the following dress already for sale in her store and I had blogged it in a previous blog.

FIERCE by Journey

Journey to the rescue...........she told me not to worry that she believed that she could come up with a gown version to go with the top that she had already created since she had already created and used that texture. I left Journey to work on the design and searched the grid for the perfect hair and my inventory for the perfect skin and just kept my fingers crossed that I could compliment the shape that was passed to me to model.

I am not a designer and I have to marvel at watching anyone design, but Journey did such a marvelous job of matching the dress in the photograph that is was simply unbelieveable. Much later that evening, she called me to join her. Breathlessly, I put on all the items that I had gathered in my attempt to match the photograph and Journey handed me the skirt that she had created...........OMG, the resulting combination of items was spectacular. We were both so excited. We had done a fantastic job of duplicating the appearance of the RL photograph. All that was needed was for me to be dressed and appear for the photo shoot in good order.

I was ready and waiting when I received the TP to appear for the photo shoot. Needless to say, the photographer commented - "WOW", Where did you find that dress to match the photograph; that I had done an excellent job of duplicating the style of the RL photograph. I cannot say that I really was the key here to achieving THE LOOK, but I have to say that Journey McLaglen did an excellent job of creating an outfit that photographed well enough to duplicate the desired fashion in SL. Way to go Journey and thank you so much...............! Now I was asked not to show the photograph that was taken for the publication and the reason for the photo shoot, but since Journey had taken the time to create the gown part of an existing outfit...........she made photos for the ads for the release of this outfit for anyone that might wish to acquire the gown. I believe that she will be releasing this gown on the grid today and she will be having a release event.

Here are some photos that Journey took of me modeling her newest creation.............

If you have any desire to own this gorgeous gown, head over to PRISM.

See you at the event at PRISM!
PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay 106/39/23

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