Thursday, May 14, 2009

Release Event Tonight!

Well folks I was off by a day, but nonetheless, Journey McLaglen is having release event this evening at PRISM. She will be releasing the dress that I told the story about in the previous blog. Fierce by Journey will actually be for sale in PRISM this evening. Refer to the previous post for the story behind the dress..............

For the dollarbie that Journey always so graciously gives out to everyone, you will find the outfit called Sassy by Journey as a gift to all that wish to drop by. Sassy is an outfit with two top options, a cute flexi skirt, fishnet hose and boots.........yes, Journey has a habit of including complete outfits even down to the boots or shoes to match.

If you care to make a purchase during the next 48 hrs., Journey will reward you with an additional gift of some Black Bracelets with Lace and they actually go very well with the dollarbie Sassy Outfit by Journey.

See you at the Event at PRISM........I will be the one modeling the new gorgeous Fierce Dress by Journey.

PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay 106/39/23

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