Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mystique by Journey

Journey McLaglen, the owner and designer for PRISM has a sensational new dress called Mystique by Journey with a very interesting texture. I will equate the texture to having the appearance of mosaic tiles in a very interesting piece of art work. I love the construction of the dress and there is a cute flower effect as an attachment to the front. You can opt to wear or not wear this prim attachment. There are gloves of the same colors and texture of the dress with prim attachments at the top of the gloves to give the outfit a very interesting effect. When I put on the outfit, I chose to change the point of attachment for the flower attachment so that I could wear a necklace also, but that was very easily changed to my chin and the necessary adjustments made for this lovely outfit.

This sensational outfit will be released in a day or so at PRISM..........stayed tuned and join the Subscribe - O - Matic in the store to a part of the news from PRISM. I know that there are going to be additional releases this week along with this lovely dress. It is so worth being a part of the group that drops by PRISM as Journey McLaglen is always such a gracious designer and constantly giving away nice items to her customers.

See you at PRISM!!!!!!!

PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay 106/39/23

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