Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Release Event and Dollarbie at Prism!

Mystique by Journey

Yesterday, I informed all of you that Journey McLaglen had a new dress to be released for you called Mystique by Journey (see above) if you wish some to read about that dress and see the photos, please refer to the previous blog in this series. The release event, I think, is supposed to be this evening at approximately 7PM SLT. Now I inquired as to what the "DOLLARBIE" outfit would be so that I could blog it for you and Journey turned me loose to search all her items on the second floor and to select an outfit that I thought would make a great "DOLLARBIE" for all of you and I selected the outfit called THE BLUES by Journey.

I believe that this outfit is simply adorable. I made the selection and Journey passed the outfit to me and I have not taken it off since I put on the outfit. The top is on the jacket layer and is sexy with all the "openings" in the top, but does not reveal any essential parts if you are wimpy about that and there is a short and long version. There are several options and ways to wear this outfit so you have some selections and several possible combinations. I chose to wear the blue pants to match the jacket, but there are both short capris and black pants included with the outfit and a prim attachment for the bottom of the jacket if you care to have a more fancy look to the jacket. I added a flexi tie around the neck to simply add another plus to the outfit, but it is truly a blue, blue outfit and different and definitely worth your time to make an effort to drop by and pick up the "Dollarbie" that Journey is offering. Take time to check out the release of the newest dress and I would imagine that there is a gift for any that make a purchase over the next 48 hours.

See you at PRISM........I will be there modeling THE BLUES by Journey.

PRISM at The Fashion District of Tampa Bay 106/39/23

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